My Poetry

Spring Storms?


Spring is not a season one experiences in the south of India. We just experience varying degrees of heat. As a result, we do not wholly understand the nuances of spring, the emotions that the season appears to evoke in those who live it. We only borrow emotions, explore the season through the sayings and writings of others. I would not have thought much about it, except when asked about ‘spring storms’, I realised I had no idea what they were. Does one have storms during the spring? I have always pictured it to be a rather mellow season — pretty, dainty, with young colours and grey-blue skies. Younger generations have no idea that spring is a season that symbolises rebirth and awakening — the hope after a hard, cold and bleak winter; the colour after a blanket of white. I realise now, as I write, that I too could be wrong, and merely assuming many things from what I have read.

spring storms —
all I know, the latter springs from the sea
swirling into chaos