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Lucky #19


O Jerusalem

O Jerusalem! by Larry Collins & Dominique Lapierre

The classic retelling of the spellbinding events of the birth of Israel. Moment by moment, Collins and Lapierre weave a brilliant tapestry of shattered hopes, fierce pride, and breathtaking daring as the Arabs, Jews, and British collide in their fight for control of Jerusalem. O Jerusalem! meticulously recreates this historic struggle.

Collins and Lapierre profile the Jewish fighters, from the commanders Ben Fusion and Golda Meir to the solders, rabbinical students, and refugees taken directly from their shops to fight; and the Arab soldiers, from the explosives expert planting bombs to the charismatic chieftain whose death in battle doomed the Arab cause but inspired a generation of Palestininans; as well as the British efforts of peacekeeping after General Allenby’s conquest of Jerusalem to their departure in the face of the onslaught.

O Jerusalem! is a towering testament to the fiery birth of Israel and an unforgettable tale of faith and violence, of betrayal and indomitable courage.

I first heard about this book about a couple of years ago, when my boss brought up a couple of incidents of miracles that he said were mentioned in O Jerusalem! He told the few of us present that it was a ‘must read’ as the history of Israel, as recorded by these two brilliant historians (I had heard of Freedom at Midnight), was fascinating.

I have, since then, had this book on my wish list, and finally got myself a copy of it earlier this year. I am looking forward to delving into it. The size is a little daunting at 566 pages. But they also appear to have added chapter notes (I’m assuming they’re summaries), and a few biographical details of the important ‘players’ in this book. I’m in the right mood for O Jerusalem!

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